Sabtu, 03 Juni 2017

Online Transportation are Really Helping Me!

Hi guys!

            As you know in my other post, I live in Bandung alone. So I have to go everywhere by my self. When the first time I moved to Bandung, because I have to study there, I was really worry about transportation. I don't know the route of public transportation. Also I'm afraid of public transportation. So many crime cases happens when people use public transportation.

           But now, I have lived in Bandung for 1 years. But, I didn't find any difficulties about going everywhere that I want because there are already online transportation which is offers a shuttle service by simply downloading the app in our smartphone.

My online transportation app

               In my smart phone, there are three app of online transportation, such as GRAB, GRAB, GO-JEK. All of them really helps me when I have to go everywhere that I want. Usually, I use GRAB and UBER with my friends when we need a car. Besides that, I often use GO-JEK, when I go by motorcycle and I go by myself.

               These app are really helping me. Where ever I go, I don't have to worry. All drivers are really trusted and friendly, also expert in driving. It makes me enjoy my trip. Also, it is really effective and easy to use this app. It doesn't take a long time to find a driver. When we click the buttom "find driver" and wait for a minute, the app will find a driver for us.

              And about the cost of the trip, We doesn't have to worry, because it is affordable and fit with its quality. Also, this app often offers any promotions or discount.

My GO-JEK app
               There is something different from GO-JEK. They offer many services which is helping us. Such us GO-FOOD, if we want delevery food. GO-SEND, if we need a service to send goods. GO-SHOP, GO-MART if we want to buy something, and many else.

               But, often I use GO-CAR or GO-RIDE when I need to go somewhere, or I use GO-FOOD to delivery some food in the evening. Because it is really simple and doesn't take a long time. When I want to get some discount, I use GO-PAY to pay my orders. And also, we will get some points when we use GO-PAY.

          I'm really thankful. I want to say thank you for people who makes this app and also set it. Then, big thanks to all drivers who always caring my trip. All of them really help me to live. Although I live by self, I won't be worry.



Minggu, 02 April 2017

Let's Play Cross Word!





















2. Verb 1 of “had”
4. What must be obeyed
5. Synonym of wonderful
7. building toys
8. use for calling someone
10. not too hot
11. an area full of grass
14. movement by people to other place
15. vertical transportation
16. synonym of balance
17. synonym of hog
18. abbreviation of identification
1. shining (without –ing)
3. place for flowers
4. place upside teacher’s lounge
6. a feeling of grat pleasure and happiness
9. a job that can make us safe
10. antonym of normal
12. a tall plant with trunk and brances made of wood
13. cow’s meat
16. synonym of out
19. the wild animal is usually…
20. the fairy godmother is always..